Posters, posters, posters....and sleep.

Posters, posters, posters....and sleep.

Running a one man operation is a bit tiring to say the least, not to mention the fact that I am a single father working 2 jobs plus trying hard to get this shop up and going properly in my spare time, so it is a bit of a pain. But as the saying goes, this is a pain and labor of love, as I want to get the art into the world and to show off the wonders that I create, as well as some of the models whom I have worked with. So each week I try to include at least a bit of work, new products, and edit some of the ones from the past that I haven't yet. 

All this said, I will add that there are going to be a lot more posters coming over the next week or two. Mainly because I have around 2000 pieces of art yet to add into the store. That is just of the pieces for posters. After I get those uploaded, I will once again start working on clothing, books, household and other items that I am also going to be featuring on the site. 

The main drawback to making this a finished site already with everything uploaded is, as I have said, the real money making jobs I have and the fact that I have a son to take care of before all of this. Yes, I could hire someone to do things like SEO, but that would also take money and time that I really could use elsewhere. Especially at this time when things are a bit wonky on the economy, and I just prefer it my way.

I have upcoming posters based on female demons, bloodbaths, the grim reaper, many more nudes, warriors and so much more that I plan to add over the next several weeks. I would love to get more into the demonic gothic look for the clothing, as well as demonic and gothic household items for that niche group. I am working to do a clothing line based on skulls and mythical creatures, as well as just some random items, like my favorite Rabbit Mages and humanoid styles.

Keep checking back, cause I am uploading more and more each day, trying to add at least 30 new items, or at least getting a few hundred items per week if possible. I will then work to update all the SEO and then, sometime near the first of the year, I will be starting a true ad campaign that will encompass many different platforms. 

Hope you all have a great week and I will keep you updated.

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